Protect Your Privacy

There are a ton of browser extensions that promise to protect your privacy, which leads to some natural questions: Which is the best? Do they all do the same thing? What should I really download? In this guide, we’re going to look at the most popular browser extensions that promise to protect your privacy online, and give you our recommendations.

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Drunken Horse Racing

During drunken horse races in the town of Chiabal II in Guatemala. Some riders are so inebriated they have to have their hands tied to the saddle, which for some, is not enough. (All Photos: Eric Mohl)

First, let’s get one thing straight: The horses are sober. It’s the riders who are drunk.

While the practice of drunkenly racing horses may seem cruel to both man and beast, the Mayans living in high altitude villages in Guatemala’s Sierra de los Cuchumatanes mountains consider the sport to be an important expression of their culture—like bull fighting, but with a more even playing field between human and animal, though deaths of both have occurred.

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