Smart Lock

Google Smart Lock Saves Your Passwords, Logs In on Chrome and Android

25 Lifehacker by Eric Ravenscraft  /  24min  //
Google already has many features to make it easier to manage the bajillion passwords you have. With an upcoming release of Google Play Services, the company will be introducing a feature called Smart Lock that can store your passwords for third-party services and log into them across devices.

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same population

Here’s what the world would look like if every country had the same population

Maps are a great way to illustrate the world, but I’ve always been fascinated by maps that illustrate worlds that might have been. To me, redditor frayuk’s new map of the world divided into 200 countries with equal populations hits both of those bugs. It’s somewhat reminiscent of Neil Freeman’s plan to redraw the US states to be equal in population, but since frayuk’s map is global in scale, it’s less familiar.

Here’s the whole thing: